5 things you’ll want to know about our never-seen-before cabana pergolas

5 things you’ll want to know about our never-seen-before cabana pergolas

Cabanas provide the comfort, style and outdoor luxury we seek when we are on vacation, and a space to relax and enjoy time alone or with friends and family. 

Our cabana pergolas - new for summer 2020 - offer a completely new design and a never-seen-before application in outdoor entertaining. Explore the five things to know about these unique cabana pergolas.


5 things you should know about our new cabana pergolas

1. They are unique

    Our cabana pergolas are uniquely designed to offer you privacy while being open and inviting at the same time. Enjoy long, balmy summer days and nights full of conversation with friends and family, and the outdoor privacy you need while enjoying the sun and a gentle breeze. The open design allows just enough sun to enter your space while offering the shade you need to block direct sunlight.

    2. Stylish corner design

      These corner pergolas offer the perfect design as you can place your cabana anywhere in your backyard or by your poolside. They lend a stylish ambience to your backyard, and it’s the corner design that ensures a private yet open space. This unique design also means that your corner pergola will fit any space, making it a much more flexible choice than traditional cabanas.

      3. Freestanding

        One of the most convenient and practical features of our new cabana pergolas is that they are free-standing. A free-standing pergola offers the flexibility you need to be able to place it anywhere in your backyard - wherever it looks at its most stylish! Should you want to change the style and position of your cabana pergola in the future, it’s quick and easy to do.

        4. They’re made from highly durable wood

          Our cabana pergolas are crafted from highly durable cedarwood, as well as structural steel, which ensures they are long-lasting. Even if you live somewhere that has extreme weather conditions, our cabana pergolas will be able to withstand them. These cabanas are also easy to maintain so you can be confident that your backyard will always look its best.

          5. Built-in furniture

            Each different style of our new cabana pergolas features built-in furniture, and this is what really makes these cabanas stand out. Not only are they comfortable and convenient, but their head-turning style will wow your guests. The conversation seating offers the luxury you want in a cabana and the comfort you need in any furniture.

            Our never-seen-before cabana pergolas

            Our unique cabana pergolas are welcoming, stylish, and private. With a range of options, they are a great new choice if you want to combine flair and functionality in your outdoor space.


            Fireside Cabana Pergola

            The Fireside cabana pergola has built-in conversational seating created around your needs. Wow your guests at your next outdoor party with its versatile relaxing design and space for entertaining. The corner design offers flexibility which allows you to place it anywhere you desire.


            Catalina & Laguna Cabana Pergola

            The Catalina & Laguna cabana pergolas are built with on-trend gray-stained wood which makes them a show-stopping feature for your backyard space. The open concept of the design offers plenty of shade while also providing privacy. Its built-in table and luxurious seating are just two of the things that make these cabana pergolas special.


            Haven Cabana Pergola

            The Haven cabana pergola is perfect for those with pools and patios. It offers enough space for your private conversations while being open enough to give a relaxing feel. It’s designed to offer plenty of shade and is very durable, so you’ll get long-lasting use for your outdoor entertaining.


            Check out our unique cabana pergolas - new for summer 2020.

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