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  • Furniture for large backyards

    Do you have a large backyard? Don’t miss our 7 ideas for furniture to make the most of your large outdoor space, from a kids-only zone to a cabana cocktail bar.
  • How Can A Cabana Pergola Offer Privacy And Open Design At The Same Time?

    Outdoor privacy is a must-have, but privacy and an open, inviting space at the same time? There’s only one way to do that… (hint: it’s with a cabana pergola).
  • 6 Ideas For Your Cabana Pergola

    Considering a cabana pergola for your backyard? We have 6 awesome ideas to style up your space with a cool cabana.
  • The evolution of backyard furniture

    Want to know more about the history of backyard furniture? We uncover its evolution from ancient Egypt to the present day.
  • 10 of the Best Backyards We've Seen

    Looking for a new backyard design to suit you? Here are 10 of our best backyard picks that we think you’ll love.
  • Furniture for small backyards

    Looking for furniture for your small backyard? Check out our 5 practical outdoor furniture ideas that will also style up and beautify your backyard.
  • The Importance of High-quality Materials in your Outdoor Structures

    Understand the types of materials used in your outdoor structures, what materials you should consider, and why it’s important to choose high quality materials.
  • Making the most of your Backyard During Lockdown

    Want to make the most of your backyard during lockdown? Check out our 5 easy ways to improve your backyard, with extra ideas for families and couples.
  • How to make your backyard unique

    Discover 5 of the best unique backyard landscaping ideas you can use and learn the difference between pergolas, cabanas, and gazebos.
  • The benefits of a corner-design pergola

    Find out what a corner pergola is, what benefits you gain from having one in your backyard, and what to consider when choosing and buying a corner pergola.
  • The hottest backyard trends in 2020

    We’ve uncovered seven of the hottest backyard trends for 2020. From lighting and landscaping to cabanas and color, these are the top garden trends this year.
  • 5 things you’ll want to know about our never-seen-before cabana pergolas

    Find out why our new cabana pergolas are unique, learn what makes them a never-seen-before style, and check out our new range of cabana pergolas.

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