How to make your backyard unique

How to make your backyard unique

If you want to turn your backyard into a unique oasis where you can spend quality time with your family and friends, we have some ideas you might want to consider. Plus, we’ll clear up the confusion on the difference between pergolas, cabanas, and gazebos (because each of these structures can help make your backyard unique.)

5 backyard landscaping ideas

These backyard landscaping ideas will encourage your family and friends to spend more time outdoors:

1. Low upkeep lawns

    Maintaining your lawn can be really time-consuming, especially if you have a large backyard. Low maintenance lawns are one of the fast-growing landscaping trends in 2020, and are probably here to stay as there are so many alternative options to traditional grass. You could try ornamental grasses, clover, or simply adding more shrubbery. Having a low maintenance lawn that requires minimal care is a great solution for people with busy lifestyles.

    2. Blending indoors with outdoors

      Consider your backyard space as one of the rooms of your home. Blending indoors with outdoors is all about extending your space, whether you create an outdoor entertainment area, a relaxing lounge area or a poolside retreat. Having a distinctive structure such as a gazebo, a cabana or a pergola (or even a cabana pergola - more on that below) is a great way of defining your outdoor space and making indoors flow into the outdoors.

      3. Smart irrigation 

        Technology is everywhere - even in our gardens. Smart tech can help you automate your backyard, and a smart irrigation system is just one way you can do it. Using a smart irrigation system means you can tailor the timing of your watering needs as well as being more water-efficient and not over-watering your plants. These systems also take your landscape into consideration, too, and help maintain your backyard and garden effectively and efficiently. 

        4. A darker color palette

          The color preference for outdoor design has generally been for lighter colors, but while they look great at first, lighter colors can turn dull due to weather wearing. A bolder and darker color palette is becoming increasingly popular as they tend to last longer.

          5. Simple yet functional landscaping

            Minimalism is an important aspect of landscaping, and many people want contemporary landscape designs that not only look good but are also practical, functional, and allow you to maximize the months you can spend outside. Consider outdoor heaters, protective covers and roofs, fire pits, hot tubs, or even radiant deck heating.

            Pergolas vs cabanas vs gazebos

            Pergola, cabana, gazebo, what’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually, but any of these structures can help to make your backyard unique.

            • Pergolas are stylish structures that originated in desert areas but are now found in more and more backyards around the world. The defining look of pergolas is its stylish lounges and the distinctive cross-beams and open structure, often with curtains for shade and to allow for breeze on the hottest summer nights.
            • A classic outdoor gazebo was originally octagonal, but modern gazebos are now often square. Most gazebos are made of wood and the mark of a gazebo is the well-covered rooftop, providing optimal shade for sunny days. 

            • A cabana is often confused with a gazebo because they have a similar type of structure. The main difference between a gazebo and cabana is that cabanas have walls on three sides of the structure, with the fourth side being open.

            Our unique new cabana pergolas

            And now there’s something completely different: corner-designed cabana pergolas from Backyard Discovery.

            Our Fireside Cabana Pergola has unique built-in conversation seating and is the perfect all-in-one solution for your backyard. Its never-seen-before stylish design will wow your guests, and it offers versatility for relaxing and entertaining.

            The Catalina and Laguna Cabana Pergolas offer high-quality relaxation and entertainment with their on-trend gray-stained wood, making them an outstanding backyard feature. The design provides privacy and offers shade when you want to relax and enjoy your backyard.

            The Haven Cabana Pergola is perfect for styling patios and pools. Its design offers shade, privacy, durability, and versatility for entertaining. It has flexible applications which make it perfect for any backyard setting.

            Check out our unique cabana pergolas - new for summer 2020.

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